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Blessed are the people who know the joyful sound! They walk, O LORD, in the light of Your Countenance - Psalm 89:15
Recommendations and Comments for The Teaching Ministry of Ken Birks
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Jim Feeney, Ph.D., Former Sr. Pastor and
"Owner and Webmaster at Pentecostal Bible Studies and Free Pentecostal Sermon Central"

"I've known Pastor Ken Birks for several decades. He and I have worked in various ministerial capacities in the same family of churches. Ken is held in very high esteem among our many pastoral colleagues. He is a minister with a strong grasp of the Word of God, a broad variety of administrative skills, a heart for souls, a proven experiential familiarity with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and an unwavering commitment to the work of the Lord. His wife Lydia is likewise a dedicated servant of God. The two of them have been an exemplary couple in the Lord's work, and I have been honored to know them and see the lasting fruits of their labors since the 1970s."

John Dubler
Sr. Pastor of Good Shepherd Bible Chapel

"Ken Birks is an extremely effective teacher of the Scriptures. He combines a healthy respect for the Word with enthusiasm and personal experiences that match what he is teaching. I strongly recommend him as a pastor, teacher and elder. Ken is a man of unimpeachable integrity and his longevity in the Body of Christ as a pastor give credence to the message of hope and encouragement that he brings to all."

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Comments from Others

I only recently found your website and I feel that it is imperative that I contact you and let you know what a blessing your lessons and sermons have been to me. My father is a retired pastor and I have been pastoring since 1973, I have written a lot of sermons and lessons, and I must say that yours are very clear, organized and inspirational. I am getting so much personal encouragement, and inspiration out of your notes, thank you. Thank you so much for letting the Lord make you a blessing to so many of us.

I stumbled upon your website tonight and was blessed out of my socks by your sermons.  Your sermons are so annointed that I could feel the Holy Spirit in the room and alive in the "words".  I read through three of your sermons so far and especially loved your "Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed?" - it is extremely powerful and incredibly well researched. 

I wanted to thank you for your sermon outlines. They have really helped. I just started preaching in June and they have increased my knowledge incredibly. I'm glad there are people out there who are more concerned about expanding the kingdom and passing knowledge than making a buck. God bless you and I hope he heaps many more blessing on you! In Christ.

I just want to thank you for your web site and sharing your blessings that God gave you with us.  I receive so much personal blessing and also stimulation in my preparing of my messages.

Hello there pastor: I just wanted to add my thanks to the many already posted on your website, for the outlines on the many topics you have included and made available. I have used some of them, and changed them to suit my style of teaching, but I have really enjoyed them off and on for several months now. I am an adult Sunday school teacher.

Thanks pastor Ken, your notes and outlines are inspirational. God has blessed you with a special gift, Thanks again for sharing it with us.

I have just come across your web site. After browsing I would like to give honor to whom honor is do. This is a fantastic site and I believe millions will be helped, inspired and saved from this site. The baptism section is phenomenal. Keep up the good work

I thoroughly enjoy your web site.  It is a wonderful free site of which there aren't many free ones. 

This is my first time visiting your web site and I can truly say my soul was blessed listening to the message on “Dealing with Strongholds”.  I appreciate the message so much because it went straight to heart of the matter.  So many things that were said in your message have moved me in the direction of what I need to do.

Wow!  What a great resource you have compiled on your web site.  I can see you have put a lot of work into it.  I am 27 yrs old and have only been pastoring for 6 mos. now.  I have had a hard time finding Spirit Filled outlines on the Internet.

You are awesome at pulling scripture and thought together.

I am curious about your teaching on the rapture and end times.  I am a graduate of World Harvest Bible College in Columbus OH, and grew up attending Church of God (Cleveland) churches.  While I knew that "rapture" is not a Bible word, I cannot recall ever hearing about the church being preserved in the way that you presented it.  I wonder why?  I know it has challenged me to do personal study into this for myself and my congregation.

Just a quick note of thanks for making available your online bible studies. I have read two thus far. The Godhead or Trinity and The Holy Spirit. I have shared these with my sons and some friends.

I want to begin by saying how much I have enjoyed your web site.  I've been in the ministry for about 25 years and have pastored for the last 15 years in upstate New York and am always looking for "seed thoughts" to inspire me.

I sat down this morning to look up online sermons.  I found your site and listened to "The Ruts of Life" sermon.  It was very uplifting. 
Thanks for the great materials! You saved me a  lot of time in preparation for our midweek bible study by having the same scriptures I would have put together anyway already put together (for baptism, this time). I've looked over several other foundational studies which should prove quite useful also. I've seen several sites offering materials for $.  Nice to see you just want the Word taught and make it available to folks like me.


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