How to be Saved or Born Again

How To Be Saved or Born Again


1.  Stop trusting in your own efforts to please God and begin to * trust in what
   Jesus Christ  has already done.

2.  Ask Him to forgive you for your sins.
3.   Invite Him to come and inside of you.
4.  Ask Him to take His rightful place as Lord  and God of your life.
5.  Turn away from whatever the Bible says is sin.   (this is only possible after
    Christ has come to live inside of you.)

* Illustration on TRUST

Scripture References:
Proverbs 28:26, Proverbs 3:5-6, 1 John 1:9, Revelation 3:20,
Romans 10:9-10, Philippians 2:11, Acts 3:19 & John 1:12

How to be Saved or Born Again