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Palm Sunday Sermon Outlines and Audio
on The Resurrection of Christ & Easter

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Blessed are the people who know the joyful sound! They walk, O LORD, in the light of Your Countenance - Psalm 89:15
On the week before the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, He came riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. For the early followers of Jesus, this was a week that began with tremendous excitement and expectation. They had come to believe He was the coming Messiah that all of the prophets of the Old Testament had spoken of. And now they are ready to crown Him as their King and to live and rule with Him forever. All of Jerusalem was looking towards this great event with anticipation and hope.
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Ken Birks is an ordained Pastor/Teacher in the Body of Christ and is one of the staff pastors at The Rock of Roseville in Roseville, California where he also functions as an elder.  Ken has been a part of The Rock of Roseville Church since its inception in 1997. Before becoming a part of The Rock of Roseville, Ken was the Sr. Pastor of Golden Valley Chrstian Center in Roseville, CA. He has been a born again Christian for over 35 years.

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Palm Sunday Sermon OutlinesFrom Exaltation to Rejection

This week began with tremendous excitement and great expectations. As the week progressed the people, including the disciples, went from exaltation to dejection, from excitement to disappointment and discouragement, from hope to disillusionment and from belief to unbelief.


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Palm Sunday & Easter Sermon Outlines

Palm Sunday Sermons
Who Has Believed - PDF - Word
The Triumphant Entry - From Exaltation to Rejection
- PDF - Word

Easter Sermons
Dare to Believe
- PDF - Word - WMA - MP3
The Victory We Have in the Resurrected Christ - PDF - Word

They began the week proclaiming Him as King and ended the week rejecting Him. You might say, it was a week in which dreams were shattered and their belief in Jesus as the Messiah was destroyed.

At the end of the week these same people who began the week proclaiming Him as King of the Jews were now rejecting Him and sentencing Him to crucifixion on the cross. His disciples who proudly argued with one another about who was going to be the greatest and sit next to him in the kingdom were now forsaking Him. And Peter, who once proclaimed Him as the Christ was now found denying Him three times. Their belief in Christ was so shattered that even after His resurrection they were slow to believe.


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John 12:37-38 But although He had done so many signs before them, they did not believe in Him, that the word of Isaiah the prophet might be fulfilled, which he spoke: "Lord, who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?"

All of these people and situations are classic examples of failed belief systems. What was it that caused their belief to fail in the moment of crisis and to say they had no king but Caesar?

It is important for us to discover what it is that causes us not to have the strong belief system we think we do. We don't want to be caught in the same web of deception that these people were to the extent that they fulfilled the Prophet Isaiah's prophecy concerning, "Lord, who has believed our report?" Peter and the other disciples were deceived concerning their belief and faith. Peter never thought it possible he could deny the Lord. The others never imagined abandoning Him in His moment of crisis. What about you? Do you know how strong your belief system is?

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