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Speaking in Tongues Benefit, Baptism Holy Spirit Study Outlines,
Sermon Notes, by Bible Teacher, Ken Birks

Discover the Importance of Speaking in Tongues and receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
through these Bible Sermon Outlines, Studies, Audio Messages and Notes by Ken Birks.
Give your faith the boost it needs by learning how to pray in the Holy Spirit.

Speaking in Tongues
Blessed are the people who know the joyful sound! They walk, O LORD, in the light of Your Countenance - Psalm 89:15
Speaking in tongues and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is more than just being born again of the Holy Spirit. It is a total infilling in The Holy Ghost. The very word baptism means to be fully whelmed or immersed as in water baptism. When a person is water baptized they are fully immersed into water and when a person is Spirit baptized they are fully immersed into the H.S. of God.  It is an experience that is subsequent to the new birth.
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About Ken Birks

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Ken Birks is an ordained Pastor/Teacher/ Author in the Body of Christ.He was the Sr. Pastor of Golden Valley Christian Center in Roseville CA for 12 Years.  He has been a born again Christian for over 40 years and is now semi-retired, focusing on writing and also serves as a wedding and funeral officiant in the Sacramento Region. Ken has been marriied to his wife, Lydia for 40 years plus.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit
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The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is accompanied by Speaking In Tongues.

The scriptures consistently show that whenever the it came to believers, it was accompanied by speaking in tongues.

Acts 2:4 And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

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Benefits of Speaking in Tongues
PDF - WordMP3

Why being filled is Necessary.

What is it about it that makes it so necessary to our walk with the Lord?

  • It.s a Vital Part of Our Spiritual Foundation – Hebrews 6:1-3.
  • Brings Us Into God's Supernatural Power – Acts 1:8
  • Helps To Purify Us – Matthew 3:11-12
  • Builds and Strengthens our Faith – Jude 1:20
  • Helps Us Pray In God's Will – 1 Cor. 14:2,15
  • Brings Us Into a Deeper Level of Intimacy With God – 1 Cor. 14:2
  • Brings a Deeper Level of Revelation of God's Word – 1 Jn 2:20,27
  • Brings Rest to Our Souls – Isaiah 28:11-13

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As we have seen it is God's desire for each one of us to be filled to the fullness. It is in receiving this special gift with the accompanying sign of speaking in  tongues that continually allows us to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

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